4-6 July 2018
Hilton Hotel, Singapore
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Stream One: Public Private Partnerships

In this stream, we will look into the key success factors and lessons learned through various case studies of financing transport and energy projects across the Asian region. Also, explore practical strategies to bridge the perception gap between developers and financiers with regards to project viability. Learn how to unleash the power of digital transformation in changing the risk model allocation, as well as, conducting accurate risk estimations to minimise project failure. In order to drive successful projects, look at the importance of investing in thorough PPP feasibility studies.  

Stream Two Alternative Financing

Here you will get an overview of the alternative financing landscape including its current challenges and untapped opportunities. Examine and strengthen local currency markets to provide long term financing that maximizes ROI for infrastructure development. Learn the best practices of adopting the sukuk financing model for renewable energy projects, as well as, infrastructure debt investments for better yield enhancement and risk diversification. Look into how to capitalise on attractive project bonds to grow liquidity for infrastructure finance and the power of private equity investments to ensure sustainable infrastructure development. Also, explore the opportunities, challenges and best practices of unlocking land values to finance urban transportation infrastructure.  

DAY 3 Project Preparation, Financing and Delivery

This course aims at gaining a comprehensive understanding of how to structure PPP project in the most efficient way. The course will provide tools, methodologies and processes to assist governments and related agencies to improve and effectively structure PPP projects to expedite the infrastructure development and at the same time, gain the various perspectives from all stakeholders involved. You will delve into PPP structuring challenges of today, using case studies and interactive group discussions. It will explore ways in developing your infrastructure project within the enabling environment towards a viable and more bankable project to attract more private investment.  

EXCLUSIVE CHATROOM: GREEN INVESTMENTS Reigniting Global Growth by Accelerating the Development of Sustainable Infrastructure    

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